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Oct. 3, 2022

WALL40: Solving the Part-time Puzzle with Belinda Morgan

WALL40: Solving the Part-time Puzzle with Belinda Morgan

How do we open that conversation around the benefits of working part-time in a world where hustle culture remains king in most lands?


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The biggest assumption people have when it comes to part-time work in senior roles is that they cannot do it, and even if they can, they just shouldn’t. Overwork is being glorified and people think everyone should literally work hard, as if the whole place would fall apart if someone starts working part-time.


But today’s guest has seen it firsthand, how highly damaging it is to people’s well-being, productivity, and results when only the business’ profit is the one being prioritized. So in this episode, we hope you join us as we dive into the benefits of a work that’s both flexible and fulfilling, giving you autonomy and freedom while taking action on your purpose in life.



Belinda Morgan is the author of the book, “Solving the Part-time Puzzle: How to Decrease Your Hours, Increase Your Impact, and Thrive in Your Part-time Role”. She is a leadership and flexible work coach for professionals who know there is more to work and life but aren’t sure how to get the balance right.


It has always been important to Belinda to do interesting and meaningful work, and to do it with a degree of freedom. Her current goal is to help other leaders find their perfect combination of freedom and fulfillment, as she’s already seen and experienced it first hand how big of a positive difference it is when you find work that is both flexible and fulfilling.



In this conversation, you’ll hear Belinda discuss:

  • How to ask or pitch the idea of working part-time
  • The benefit for business if you are working part-time, especially the societal benefit of having more freedom in life
  • Why Belinda and I love autonomy and freedom as part of our day
  • How she had her concept of a book and got it out to market very quickly



Conversation moments:

(00:00:03) Episode snippet + intro

(00:00:54) Introducing today’s guest, Belinda Morgan

(00:03:30) The journey it took her to be where she is today

(00:07:07) “Why not? Why can’t I?”

(00:09:20) The biggest assumption people have about part-time work in senior roles

(00:10:47) How do you start that conversation around wanting to work part-time?

(00:13:50) Hustle culture is still king in most places

(00:15:46) Job sharing is such an amazing tool!

(00:19:07) How Belinda’s typical work week look like

(00:19:45) Let people know what your non-work days are

(00:21:50) “Work and live large” from Belinda’s perspective

(00:23:31) Getting flexibility in when, where, and how much we work

(00:28:28) The book thought and writing process behind Solving the Part-time Puzzle

(00:31:23) Rapid Round

(00:34:03) Connect with Belinda Morgan


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