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Dec. 5, 2022

WALL49: The paid subscriptions I'm stopping, starting and continuing in 2023 (Two by Tuesday)

When you think about paid subscriptions, it's really a question around  what does your future hold? 

Today on the show it's not really a question I'm exploring, but I'm sharing something behind the scenes of what paid subscriptions I'm m stopping, continuing or starting,  as a result of a recent subscription audit I ran on myself.

With the SaaS (Software as a Service) f business model, we get sucked into paying a monthly fee. And then I don't know about you, but sometimes then I look at my bank account or read my email and the subscription is ticked over again and I think, am I actually using this?

I think December is a great time of the year to re-evaluate what you're paying for and make a decision on whether you keep it, or it goes.

 So I think as a good exercise, it's definitely worth going through that.

Here are some of my favourite tools (and yes these are affiliate links as I 11/10 support them):

Enjoy the listen!
- Leanne

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