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Tune in for upbeat, pragmatic conversations that leave you feeling inspired and wanting to "do the thing"!The Leanne Hughes Experience covers topics including:- Work and life hacks- Backing yourself / grabbing opportunities / disrupting yourself / getting out of your own head- Social psychology / group psychology (think: Influence, power, resistance, creating a movement, building community)- Organising imaginations/strategy- Encouraging you to dream bigger.

About the Host

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Leanne Hughes

Chief Energy Officer

Leanne Hughes is an Australian businesswoman, entrepreneur and high performance business consultant. She is the host of both Leanne Hughes' Work and Live Large podcast and the First Time Facilitator podcast.

In 2021, Leanne was the winner of the Asia Pacific Learning Impact awards for Learning Professional of the Year.

She advises clients across the world on creating dynamics work environments and organizational cultures that lead to improved business performance. You can find her work at