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Oct. 31, 2022

WALL44: Why You Must Read Becoming Myself by Irvin D Yalom

WALL44: Why You Must Read Becoming Myself by Irvin D Yalom

It is just so amazing, having read a book that’s written in such a beautiful and easy way, that it has made me want to end my day early so I can spend time in bed, reading it page by page.

Recently, I’ve purchased Irvin D. Yalom’s book “Becoming Myself: A Psychiatrist’s Memoir” after hearing about it from a friend.


It’s such a book rich in value where he shared his reflections on life and development. As I read, these then led me to think as well, reflecting on the origin of my own self and the meaning of the life I’ve been living.


Not only is this of great help to us as human beings, but also, there’s a lot to learn if you’re working in a group setting. From existentialism to isolation, meaninglessness, mortality, and freedom, Irvin has got it all covered, resulting in this masterpiece.


So I hope you join me today, even though this episode is completely new and unique. Because here is where I’ll speak to share how this book helped me see life from a better perspective, mirroring my work and live large statement.


In this conversation, you’ll hear me discuss:



Conversation moments:

(00:00:00) Episode intro

(00:00:18) Irvin D. Yalom, his book, and how I got myself a copy

(00:02:58) The connection Irvin’s thought process has with the podcast

(00:04:27) Short biography of Irvin D. Yalom

(00:05:58) Highlight #1: The power of group dynamics

(00:08:14) Highlight #2: Irvin’s insight on how each individual has a different inner world

(00:10:59) Highlight #3: Irvin writing a summary of a previous meeting then giving that to the group the day before the next meeting

(00:13:24) Highlight #4: “The volume of your background music will obscure the true chords of the analysis”

(00:14:08) Highlight #5: Alan Willis and his dog, Monty


Grab a copy of Irvin D. Yalom’s book by clicking the link below:

Becoming Myself: A Psychiatrist’s Memoir


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