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Dec. 12, 2022

WALL50: Life is to be Enjoyed, Not Endured: A Leadership Conversation with Clifford Morgan

In this podcast episode, Leanne speaks with organizational psychologist and leadership expert Clifford Morgan about the importance of coaching skills in leadership.

Clifford shares his journey to becoming a coach and the experiences that shaped his perspective on work and life, including his time in the Royal Australian Air Force and his deployment to Iraq.

He discusses his new book, "The Coaching Leader," which focuses on the importance of using coaching skills to develop people and become a more effective leader.

Clifford also emphasizes the importance of having fun at work and the need for clarity in leadership.

We also riff on the ways in which poor leadership is replicated and perpetuated, and the need for training and development for leaders. Finally, Clifford shares some recommendations for books, tools, songs, and quotes that have inspired him.

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Clifford Morgan promotes enhanced leadership by teaching leaders essential coaching skills that will help them develop their people every single day and therefore become more effective as leaders.

He is an organizational psychologist and leadership expert who served for more than fifteen years in the Royal Australian Air Force. As a coach, Clifford has worked with CEOs, Military Officers, Government Executives, and business and community leaders across a wide variety of industries. Earlier his month, he published his newest book “The Coaching Leader”.

I met Clifford in Brisbane, but I really didn’t have an idea about his backstory until I have read it in his book. But today, he’ll share that story with us as well as some few snippets of what his new book, “The Coaching Leader”, contains.   

Conversation moments:

  • (00:00:03) Episode snippet 
  • (00:01:08) Introducing today’s guest, Clifford Morgan
  • (00:03:01) Story of Clifford’s journey towards the work he does today
  • (00:05:12) Clifford’s “fun” experience in Iraq
  • (00:10:07) What drove Clifford to write his new book, “The Coaching Leader”, and who it’s really for
  • (00:14:10) When you’re asking questions, you force your people to think
  • (00:15:41) Using coaching skills in taking the pressure off of the leader
  • (00:17:08) When we think, never use solely one side of the brain
  • (00:18:33) Why Clifford included SMART goals in his new book
  • (00:24:21) Why fun is an essential ingredient for work, and for leaders as well
  • (00:31:05) Poor leadership is replicated and perpetuated
  • (00:33:51) Many leaders just get promoted, they don’t get trained
  • (00:34:54) Rapid Round
  • (00:40:06) Connect with Clifford Morgan

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Clifford MorganProfile Photo

Clifford Morgan

Director of Lumian Consulting

Clifford Morgan is an endorsed organisational psychologist and leadership expert with over fifteen years of service with the Royal Australian Air Force. His years of service leading and coaching people – both in uniform and out – bring a wealth of experience that provides a unique perspective to assist his clients. During this time he has trained hundreds of leaders to use coaching skills to develop people and lead more effectively.
As a coach Clifford has worked with CEOs, military commanders, government executives and business and community leaders across a wide variety of industries.
Clients continue to choose Cliff because of his engaging nature, incredible insight and passionate commitment to leadership coaching that has inspired and innovated leaders and teams across Australia.