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Transforming New Customers into Loyal Champions with Donna Weber

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As ironic as it is, there are still companies nowadays that are so focused on getting new clients while overlooking why onboarding is a must in business. In today’s episode, my guest discusses the power onboarding holds in converting your customers to life-long clients as she gives a peak on the six-step process she goes by as she dives into practice.

Today, I invited a good friend to educate us about the importance of having people understand what they’ve purchased and in what sense it would help them, as well as your business.

How can we really deliver upfront value to our clients? Tune in to discover how.

Donna Weber is the world’s leading expert in customer onboarding. She is a recognized Customer Success thought leader, strategist, speaker, and advisor, who for more than two decades has helped high-growth startups and established enterprises create customers for life.

Donna is passionate about helping customers reach their goals, for as simple as it is, she believes that customers’ wins are your wins, too. Her new book, Onboarding Matters, is where she has explained how you can drive customers to value through an onboarding framework that transforms new customers into loyal champions.

I met Donna in February when I flew all the way to Las Vegas to attend a workshop run by Alan Weiss. Back then, Donna came over to introduce herself, but I recognized her first by her voice and not her face. I’ve been listening to her book Onboarding Matters on Audible! Getting to know Donna and being able to spend days with her in Las Vegas was undoubtedly a fantastic experience.

In this conversation, you'll hear Donna discuss:
* How Donna discovered her strength on onboarding
* Tips on where to focus your time and energy as a consultant
* How to deliver value to your clients upfront
* What onboarding looks like for your business
* Donna’s six-step onboarding process
* Energy hacks when you need to work with only three hours of sleep
* Rapid Round

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