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Starting the Day with a Question and Ending with a Solution with Rajendra Zore

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Rajendra considers himself an accidental entrepreneur who went on creating tech ventures and now proudly walks as a Serial Entrepreneur. He has been building businesses from scratch since 2012 and to date has founded & closely affiliated with three separate successful tech startups – all of which serve a global market.

For the better part of his entrepreneurial journey, Raj has been doing most of the things alone. That is where this whole idea of exploring the new buzzword ‘Solopreneurship’ came into mind. To explore the solopreneurship, he started Host My Blog in 2015 & served hundreds of bloggers with various technical services. He has since been enjoying his role as a WordPress Consultant.

In 2019, there was a WordPress event in Brisbane with several streams of speakers, I had major FOMO when my brother Randall went to a stream that I wasn't in. He told me I should've gone to the room where he was in after the breakout address concluded. I dashed to see if I could meet the speaker, who happened to be Rajendra. We spoke for a few minutes, and I've been following him on Twitter since that moment.

In this conversation, you'll hear Rajendra discuss:
* The difference between an intellectual and product business
* Being at the rock-bottom and successfully overcoming it
* What “giving back” actually means
* Why being a generalist can be good
* The importance of being intentional and patience
* The essence of thinking “how can I be a better person?”
* Building clients and trust
* Leveraging social media outreach
* Rapid round

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