Brand new podcast has landed!
Feb. 20, 2022

Trailer: Why is this worth your time?

Trailer: Why is this worth your time?

Let me guess, if you're anything like me, you:

Are currently reading 5 books at the same time
Have 18 different browser tabs open
Have 1700 emails and notifications to respond to
... and, you already listen to 60 podcasts!

Why do you need another podcast to add to your list?

i’m not here to replace your current listens, I’m here to compliment them.

The goal of the show is that you listen to an episode and think “Oh cool, I’ve got this! I’ll make my move now!”

Here's what I'll share with you on the show:

  • A focus on backing yourself / grabbing opportunities / disrupting yourself / getting out of your own head
  • Social psychology / group psychology (think: Influence, power, resistance, creating a movement, building community)
  • Encouraging people (and businesses) to dream bigger, and to stop projecting the past into the future
  • Word of mouth marketing and evangelism
  • Work and life hacks, based on what i’m thinking, reading and listening
  • Share with you some incredibly cool stories and lessons from people all around the world

I’m your host Leanne Hughes and one thing I’m pretty good at is taking action when things aren’t necessarily ready, and having a win because of that approach (even if "the thing" hasn’t worked, I’m always rewarded when I go for it!). 

I'm based in Brisbane, Australia. I’m a consultant who partners with organisations  to create workplace mojo that drives performance.

I also work with consultants, facilitators and trainers on helping them book out their business.

I love working out in the morning, being outside, lazy long lunches, sunsets over the ocean and living a large live.

Tune in and you’ll hear a mix of solo and interview episodes on the weekly, jump on the email list at and you can always connect with me at