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Aug. 1, 2022

WALL30: Are you a Thought Breeder or a Thought Bleeder?

WALL30: Are you a Thought Breeder or a Thought Bleeder?

There's so much content available, but what are we actually doing with it? 

Today's episode is created for you, but it's also an important reminder for me. I'm addicted to listening, reading and learning new things, it's like an endless search for a silver bullet.

How though, do we absorbing information and all of this cool stuff that’s online take action on it?  and actually taking action on it.  How do we draw that line between I'm consuming all this information, but what am I actually doing with it?  

We are bombarded every single day by webinars to join, new books to read, new podcast episodes to listen to, new conference to attend. It’s inspiring! It can also get dangerous when we confuse consuming with creating - that’s when consumption can stall your progress.

That's what I'm exploring today, using the power of a two-by-two matrix.

Right now, where are you on this matrix: A Thought Breeder, a Thought Bleeder, a Thought Leader, or a Thought Reader? Let me know!

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