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Aug. 22, 2022

WALL34: Describing and Defining Company Culture with Shane Hatton

WALL34: Describing and Defining Company Culture with Shane Hatton

What does it mean to truly have the character of a leader? Is culture really something we can influence in an organization?


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We all have that experience wherein we’ve been on the receiving end of connecting with someone who didn’t really value the conversation that we’re having. That’s the most devaluing feeling, just as our guest today says.

So join us in this episode as he shares what he’s learned upon writing a book about culture, on why being present is important for a remarkable leader, and how he lives his life as a charismatic introvert.

Shane Hatton is an author, trainer, coach, and speaker who is passionate about developing remarkable leaders and cultures. He works with organizations to close the leadership gap between mid and senior level leaders.


Aside from being the author of the books “Let’s Talk Culture – The Conversations You Need to Create the Team You Want” and “Lead The Room – Communicate a Message That Counts in Moments That Matter”, Shane is also a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, a member of the Forbes Global Coaches Council, and is the Founder of the People Leaders Network.


I met Shane on the Clubhouse app, where we had various conversations around various topics, but it was when I attended his book launch earlier this year in Sydney that we finally got to meet in real life.


In this conversation, you’ll hear Shane discuss:

  • His book, “Let’s Talk Culture – The Conversations You Need to Create the Team You Want
  • The insights of culture
  • Practical things leaders can do to build and reinforce their culture
  • His personal insights on how he handles his energy
  • How he manages the contrast of being the person in front of the room and while also thriving behind the scenes
  • Coach Chris Bennett and the Nike running app
  • Rapid Round


Conversation moments:

 (00:00:03) Episode snippet

(00:00:48) Talking about today’s guest, Shane Michael Hatton

(00:02:52) What Shane has been up to since the launch of his new book

(00:04:50) How it’s like for someone who has social anxiety to film videos in public

(00:07:14) “Great leaders value important conversations”

(00:09:37) Writing a book to a very specific audience

(00:11:18) Is culture something that can be influenced or does it just happen?

(00:14:36) His book as an opportunity popcorn

(00:16:37) Work and live large: Shane as a charismatic introvert

(00:18:36) The desire to be around interesting and clever people + a voice that conveys trust

(00:22:30) To say yes or to say no: Shane and I’s insights on maintaining a healthy work-life balance

(00:28:13) High intensity therapy with Coach Bennett and the Nike running app

(00:29:36) Rapid Round

(00:32:53) Connect with Shane Hatton



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