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April 4, 2022

WALL11: Matthew Stewart shares how you can add a page to your book of life

WALL11: Matthew Stewart shares how you can add a page to your book of life

You know how you have those friends from a while ago, and you mainly stay in contact with them by occasionally seeing what they're up to on social media? 

I've been friends with today's guest since 2008, and when I glance at his socials, I'm pretty amazed to see him taking groups mountain biking around Nepal, on the Kokoda track in Papua New Guinea, and running marathons in NYC.

At an early age, Matt had some profound experiences that taught him how powerful they are at bringing perspective and clarity to life. Wanting to help businesses and individuals dream big and have their own experiences, Matt become uniquely qualified as a Physiotherapist and Chiropractor.

He is the CEO of The Custodian Way which owns a group of companies that all share one common mission which is: " To create a global movement and deliver 30 Million Impact Moments every year by the year 2030".

The Custodian Way owns these brands:

  1. PEAK Sport And Spine Centre
  2. Employ Health Aust and NZ
  3. Experience Not Felt Possible

Matt also sits on the Board of the 4ASDKids Charity.

In this conversation, you'll hear how Matt:

  • Casts away constraint to dream big
  • Creates non-traditional ways of working (including pragmatic, overhauled approaches for recruitment and remuneration)
  • Lives his values through daily decisions
  • Acknowledges the power of language to dismiss social constructs  

Conversation moments

  • 04:20: What does Work and Live Large mean to Matt
  • 06:00 What’s an Experience Not Felt Possible?
  • 10:51: Story examples of busting out of limiting beliefs
  • 16:38 Decision-making frameworks in Matt’s businesses
  • 23:24 A new way of thinking about your recruitment process
  • 33:10 Values, recognition and performance management
  • 42:44: The use of language in business (and the stigma attached to it)
  • 49:18 Rapid Round

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