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May 30, 2022

WALL20: Live Life Like You’re Flying with Ryan Soh

WALL20: Live Life Like You’re Flying with Ryan Soh

 As we focus on travel tips for this month’s episodes, I’ve decided to invite someone whose life revolves around traveling the world and exploring its wonders. Today’s guest will share his story on how he’s able to work and live large as he breathes the beauty of the places he goes to.

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Living your day-to-day in a country where there’s nothing else to do but to work every minute, I bet that your heart will shout to be freed, for that isn’t the life you want to live. There’ll always be this calling for traveling, for going to places and falling in love with it as a whole, ‘till you realize that it’s time for you to move forward and go to where your heart leads.


But the question is how do we really follow that voice in our head and leave the life we’ve lived for years?



The corporate world and all its madness was a life he wanted to escape from, and so, he did. Join us in this episode and learn from his story.



Even when he felt desperate to escape the rat race as he migrated to Australia in 2013, Ryan Soh – originally from Singapore – considers this as the best decision he’s ever made. It’s how his journey to travel the world began. It’s how he was able to fly, eat, and stay as he forgets the worries of life. 


As a firm believer of “journey, not the destination”, Ryan explores the world to create videos, talking about detailed planes, trains, food, and hotel reviews. Through his YouTube channel, Ryan So Fly, Ryan helps you see the world through his eyes.



I discovered what Ryan does through the Frequent Flyers Australia FB Group. I usually just read stuff and hit like when I visit every day, but when I saw Ryan’s post, I immediately subscribed to his YouTube channel as I really loved watching his travel vlogs. I love how he has embraced a sense of truth and freshness in his footage while providing great detail about the places that he visits. And to top all that, Ryan has a really cool sense of humor but is actually so down-to-earth!

In this conversation, you'll hear Ryan discuss:

  • Ryan’s work and live large story: On deciding to leave Singapore
  • What it’s like to be a content creator and travel vlogger
  • Ryan Soh’s favorite airline
  • National culture and how that impacts your experience as a guest

Conversation moments

(00:00:03) Episode Snippet

(00:00:40) Introduction

(00:01:12) About Ryan Soh

(00:03:24) Life in Singapore: Doing nothing but work

(00:07:07) Falling in love with Australia

(00:09:50) “Singapore is not for me”

(00:11:13) Empathizing with the environment

(00:13:34) Speak your truth and impact others

(00:16:19) “This is a barrier you need to step through”

(00:20:24) QANTAS vs. Singapore Airlines

(00:21:55) Ryan’s favorite airline

(00:23:15) What Ryan has to say about Emirates

(00:25:17) Place/s people need to go to

(00:28:06) Enjoying vs. capturing your travel

(00:30:55) Ryan’s travel tip (

(00:31:35) Connect with Ryan Soh


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