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July 13, 2022

WALL 27: Getting Unstuck and Driving Sustainable Ambition in your Work and Life with Kathy Oneto

WALL 27: Getting Unstuck and Driving Sustainable Ambition in your Work and Life with Kathy Oneto

On last week’s episode of Two by Tuesday, we talked about the 2x2 matrix of competence and joy with regards to our work. The top left of that box – the trap quadrant – says a lot about us, being highly competent in something, but that something doesn’t give us the joy that we need in life.

So today, I invited someone who can help us out if we’re stuck in doing a lot of work in that trap area. Join us today as we learn to live with more fulfillment, joy, and ease while still being ambitious.

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What are your ambitions in life?

More often than not, when we reach our 40s, we start to go through this transition wherein our ambitions change. Some find it hard to navigate this, given that the culture of our workplace doesn’t change as we are, but to cut the dissatisfaction, we need to embrace the change that’s happening within.

But the question is how? How do we allow ourselves to fully step into life and work in the way that we want while also sustaining ourselves in the long run?

Discover the answer to that question as we dive into this episode with Kathy.

Kathy Oneto is an executive and leadership coach, a career strategist, and a strategy and marketing professional. She hosts the podcast called Sustainable Ambition. Also, she is the founder and chief strategist at The Agency Oneto.

Kathy’s mission is to help leaders and professionals get in touch with their personal aspirations and ambitions to find their own success and find more ease, so that they can make an impact and realize their full potential. Her strength is working with ambitious individuals who want both fulfilling professional and personal lives and help them be great leaders

In this conversation, you’ll hear Kathy and I discuss:

  • How we achieve sustainable ambition
  • How we focus on the things that matter most to us and do it in a way where we feel like the work that we’re doing is actually something that matters
  • Her insights on the adult development and growth journey as we get older
  • How to navigate our shifting priorities in life as well as work
  • How she takes action on an idea
  • What to pay attention to if you’re trying to navigate a transition
  • How to plan for periods in our lives that last for around 12-18 months


Conversation moments: 

(00:00:04) Episode snippet

(00:00:32) Episode intro + Introduction of today’s guest

(00:02:55) Welcoming Kathy Oneto + The concept behind “Sustainable Ambition”

(00:05:28) The phrase “decade to decade” in Kathy’s value proposition

(00:07:45) First step to take as you start exploring the next decade of your life

(00:10:43) Kathy’s corporate career + The shift in her ambitions

(00:13:19) Branding her own business -- a challenge or not?

(00:15:11) The Sustainable Ambition 12-Month Workbook+Planner: Your Life+Work Resilience Rx

(00:16:50) What the phrase “Work and Live Large” mean for Kathy

(00:17:55) Watershed moment + Always take smart risks

(00:21:59) Do we become more risk averse as we get older?

(00:23:02) Where to focus on when trying to pay attention

(00:26:54) How Kathy makes an idea come to life

(00:29:51) Rapid Round

(00:32:06) Connect with Kathy Oneto


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Kathy Oneto

Strategist & Life+Work Coach

Kathy Oneto is a strategy executive and life and work coach who bridges her two worlds bringing strategic thinking to life and work integration. She is the founder of Sustainable Ambition, host of The Sustainable Ambition Podcast, and author of the Sustainable Ambition 12-Month Workbook+Planner that helps you build Your Life+Work Resilience Rx (prescription). Kathy's mission is to help people attain more joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment in their careers from decade to decade, helping them to be ambitious with less angst and guilt, more ease, and without burnout. She holds an MBA from Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and a BS in Commerce from the University of Virginia. Kathy lives in San Francisco with her husband and the fog.