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Aug. 8, 2022

WALL31: Get Lucked! How to Cultivate Serendipity in Your Work with Dr. Christian Busch

WALL31: Get Lucked! How to Cultivate Serendipity in Your Work with Dr. Christian Busch

Join us today as we learn how to cultivate serendipity so we can live life while creating impact and value day by day.


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Whether we admit it or not, most of us fear the unexpected. It scares us, for we have no idea on what’s about to come. It makes us feel disorganized as if we’re straying away from our plan. But things that come out of nowhere can also be an inflection point to something great, to something interesting. See every situation as a growth opportunity and you’ll experience serendipity as you live.


Today, we’re joined by Dr. Christian Busch, the author of the book “The Serendipity Mindset: The Art and Science of Creating Good Luck”. He’s the Director of Global Economy Program at New York University’s Center for Global Affairs where he teaches on purpose-driven leadership, impact, entrepreneurship, innovation, and emerging markets. 


He is a visiting fellow at the London School of Economics, and the Co-Founder of Leaders on Purpose, an organization convening high-impact leaders, as well as the Sandbox Network, a global community of young innovators active in over 20 countries. Previously, Dr. Christian served on the faculty of the LSE Department of Management and as the Inaugural Deputy Director of the LSE Innovation Center.


He’s been featured on many TEDx Talks. I recently watched one of the TEDx Talks he was in, and it was so fantastic; I’ve decided to invite him here. Join me as we learn from what Christian has to share today.


 In this conversation, you’ll hear Dr. Christian discuss:

  • What it actually means to cultivate a serendipity mindset
  • The difference between blind luck and smart luck
  • The fear of missing out
  • The contrast between planning and being open to opportunities
  • The dynamics between being an introvert and an extrovert
  • How introverts can cultivate more serendipity in their life
  • Rapid Round


Conversation moments:

(00:00:03) Episode snippet

(00:00:41) What this episode is all about + talking about Dr. Christian and his book

(00:04:00) The difference between blind luck and smart luck

(00:06:13) How to balance the FOMO while cultivating serendipity in your life -- the hook strategy

(00:08:45) Serendipities that occurred in his life after publishing a book about serendipity

(00:11:23) It’s great to have a milestone but why would you limit yourself to that?

(00:15:44) How to bring serendipity as a mindset in your day-to-day

(00:18:19) Cultivating serendipity when you’re an introvert

(00:21:20) Doing deep work in times when you feel most energized

(00:23:52) Correlation between an abundance mindset and serendipity

(00:28:30) Rapid Round

(00:30:47) Connect with Dr. Christian Busch



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