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May 16, 2022

WALL18: 35 Travel Hacks to Help You Hit the Tarmac Running

WALL18: 35 Travel Hacks to Help You Hit the Tarmac Running

After being stuck in our homes due to the sudden hit of the pandemic, people are now traveling as much as they could, wanting to celebrate that they’re now able to take in outdoor air. And yes, even I have been traveling a lot these days. It’s now time for my #revengetravel!

Going to places brings me a lot of joy. Flying to explore the world is one of the things I breathe for. But recently, I noticed lots of hectic lineups at the airport, with people having a hard time as they go on board. So today, I’m here with you to share some travel hacks that will make your travel experience easier and better than before. Bon voyage, folks!

35 Travel Tips:

1. Steph Taylor from’s travel tip is to download the TripIt app to see a compilation of your itinerary and travel details.

2. When booking economy flights, Steph Taylor advises you to book aisle seats that have an empty seat beside them.

3. Leanne Hughes tells you to continue checking the Qantas app until boarding.

4. Andy Storch’s travel tip is for you to be intentional with the time you spend in the plane. Do something that will make you better.

5. Leanne Hughes reminds you to download your favourite podcast, audiobook, and/or Spotify playlist before flying.

6. Liz Barber says do not plan to do work on the flight and just read, watch, or write to track ideas instead.

7. Derek Van Tonder’s travel tip is to print out all your travel documents, especially your COVID 19 vaccination certificates, and keep a colored copy of your passport and driving license.

8. Leanne Hughes, in relation to Derek’s tip, shares her practice of putting all of your printed documents in a display folder and have things arranged in order of events.

9. Tim Ferguson is from Audience and his tip is to travel by train.

10. Cathryn Lloyd from Maverick Minds says to fly less and fly better. Travel business class, get access to a lounge, turn off the internet, rest, chill, write, and drink lots of water, not alcohol.

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